Fiberlink Internet Packages 2021 – 32Mbps to 1Gbps Speed Plans

fiberlink internet packages 2021

Fiberlink is a famous internet service provider in Pakistan that provides fiber internet in some largest and famous cities. This network is currently available in Multan, Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi available (only in satellite town) & Lahore city. If you live in these countries then you can get fiber link connection for your shop, office, and home by calling their provided helpline number 111-456-123. Fiberlink was launched in Pakistan in 2008 and now it is working in 5 popular cities. Here is the full list of Fiberlink Internet Packages that you can check and can activate the best budget package for your home, office, and shop.

Their 24/7 support help users to submit complain in a fast way which can be registered also on their official website It is the highest internet speed provider in Pakistan. The highest speed in Pakistan with Fiberlink is 1Gbps. Their internet packages start from Rs.1500/month to 4800/month. Internet connection speed starts from 32Mbps to 1Gbps at a good price and with unlimited usage for all over the month.

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I am providing you some internet packages which are most famous and anyone can subscribe to them at an affordable price. Fiberlink new connection installation fee is Rs.7000 PKR one time only and next time every month you need to pay only your package fees.

Latest Fiberlink Internet Packages 2021

Fiberlink is providing affordable internet packages in selected cities only which are Lahore, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Multan, and Karachi. You can get a new connection for your home, office, and workplace in just Rs.7000 installation charges in 5 to 7 working days. The cheapest internet package in a fiber link is the 32Mbps package that provides us unlimited data for Rs.1500 excluding tax. 50Mbps internet package monthly fees are Rs.2000 only. You can check the latest packages details that are given below.

32 Mbps PackageRs.1500 Unlimited 30 Days
50 Mbps PackageRs.2000 Unlimited 30 Days
100 Mbps PackageRs.2500 Unlimited 30 Days
200 Mbps PackageRs.4000 Unlimited 30 Days
500 Mbps PackageRs.4200 Unlimited 30 Days
1Gbps PackageRs.4800 Unlimited 30 Days

How to apply for a new connection?

To apply for a new connection you need to call their helpline number 111-456-123. If your area is in the courage of this network then you can easily get a new connection. New customers also can visit their website for the latest details and new connection activation.

How Much Installation Charges do I need to pay for a new connection?

New connection installation charges are Rs.7000 PKR only which are only for one time. Next month you need to pay only your selected package fees.

Fiberlink courage Area

This network is currently available in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Hyderabad, and Multan. If you belong to these areas then it is easy to get a new connection.

Does Fiberlink offer an Unlimited package?

Yes, All the provided packages are unlimited. There is not no downloading limit is 32Mbps to 1Gbps connection.

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